Our Story

J. Shotmeyer was started out of a desire for both Jacob and myself to not only to create beautiful and stylish clothes, but also to create a culture of giving.  After a Traumatic Brain Injury, I had to come home from college and start years of recovery. For Jacob, he had to come home from college because of cancer. As we sat on our living room couch, it would’ve been easy for us to see this time as useless; a time of recovery before we could move on with our lives. Except we did not see it that way. We saw it as precious time that we wanted to make use of. Despite physical complications that made this a very difficult, J. Shotmeyer was born. Starting with ties and bow ties, we researched and studied to learn off the cuff how to accomplish our goals.

The both of us have made it through college and are healthy again. We live in the miraculous gift of being healed.

When we went through very difficult times, we realized how many other people have had major difficulties as well. We aspire to give back in many different ways, and encourage others to do the same. Our favorite part of J. Shotmeyer is connecting with our audience to share our stories, and the faith that continues to bring us through each day.