Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief


When the hurricane hit Houston, I knew that our fall line would go to help with the hurricane relief.  Then 2 more hurricanes hit the U.S. & the Caribbean and it was an overwhelming confirmation.  As the newsreels came through of the terrible damage that was happening in Houston, I was sitting in NJ and I knew God was calling me to go down and help out.  We've been raising awareness and helping financially with a lot of other charities but I knew it was my time to go.  

This past weekend I spend Friday and Saturday in Port Arthur, Tx with 13 students from Oral Roberts University, 3 friends from Chicago and a staff member from Convoy of Hope, gutting homes, tearing up linoleum floors, and removing furniture and appliances.  We saw the terrible destruction of Harvey and tried to help the victims get closer to the lives they once knew.  Honestly, I never really knew how much gutting a house could help, it just seemed like you're taking someone's home and throwing it out onto the street.  However, as I went through the first home I realized that just the little bit of removing all the rotting wood and sheetrock can save vital parts of the house and get people back into their homes sooner than expected.  As we were removing everything from clothing to countertops, what we were really doing was allowing for them to start to begin their lives again.  Everything that we were removing was useless after the storm and had to be thrown out, but after it was out, their home was a clean slate.  A new beginning for the family.  It might not be easy but it's a starting point.  Many of these people didn't have home insurance or the funds to restore their homes, but through the work we did this weekend, we've been able to help get them closer to the lives they once had.  It might not be perfect now but it's one step ahead and I know that there will be more behind us to help rebuild thanks to the commitment made by Convoy of Hope.

I want to thank everyone who has supported Convoy of Hope through the products that we make.  Seeing it first hand, I know that you are truly making a difference.  I know not everyone can make the trip to Texas (or even Florida or Puerto Rico) but every little bit helps and that's why we started J. Shotmeyer.  We want to help people with the everyday things we do.

What do your clothes do?


charles shotmeyer