Summer in The City

Last night we decided on a wim to go into New York for dinner. It was 6pm and we made a 7:45 reservation near Rockefeller Center. It was the perfect evening. It was about 70 degrees and the sun was just setting. The orange rays of light reflected off the taxi windows, as women in sundress bustled on by.



We walked into Rock Center from the right side and when I saw the displays I gasped. Mouth open in giddy surprise I found HYDRANGEAS BUSHES lining the fountains. Hydrangeas have always been a favorite of mine and I love the idea of lush plants taking over the concrete jungle.


The beautiful blues and pinks are just stunning next to the green hue of the fountains, lined by the gray stone.

Not only are there hydrangeas right now, but also crepe myrtle trees! Another one of my favorites. I am used to seeing these plants in warm southern cities, but not in my home city of NYC. 


Hydrangeas to me, are a piece of Bay Head and Mantoloking on the Jersey shore. They take me to New England - Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, and any quaint northern town with shake siding on the houses. (I would be taken to my own backyard as well if not for the snacking habits of the local deer - it’s their favorite too I guess!). 

The crepe myrtles take me south to Nashville, Charleston, and Savannah. The hot sun kissing my skin as I stroll through quaint southern streets. Places where the tea is sweet, the pace is slow, and the biscuits are to die for. 

My worlds of flowers all collided into the beautiful masterpiece of Rock Center June 2018.  

Last month there were big magnolia trees in Rock Center lining the fountains (Magnolias line the drive to my bf’s house in Nashville and I just love the huge flowers and waxy leaves. Their sentimental smell filled Rock Center making my smile as unwavering as the concrete below). 

Don’t miss the current display, and don’t forget to go back in a month to see what’s next! I am blown away by how wonderful the displays have been. Rockefeller Center is a MUST GO for anyone doing any NYC travels this summer! 


I chose to wear my favorite red Kate Spade bag, my white Keds sneakers, and my favorite new dress! It is a J. Shotmeyer original 😉 Keep your eye out for this fit and flare dress, perfect for an impromptu NYC outing.



- Jenna