Hot and Humid in Hoboken

I went into Hoboken Sunday evening to visit Julia, one of my best friends. I love Hoboken (NY’s 6th borough) with their city streets, quaint boutiques, and have you SEEN that skyline view??


The best thing about 4th of July weekend in NYC and Hoboken is that NO ONE IS AROUND!  

People CLEAR OUT!!  

Everyone goes to a beach or lake which, for me, makes it the perfect time for the city. 

Hoboken is only a square mile, so after spending time there, I really know my way around. 

We strolled on the piers and made our way passed three women selling sunglasses for $10. We tried on all sorts of pairs while getting the input by the women.  They were over 60yrs old and were amazing to share some laughs with as we decided and tried on.  

I snagged these after seeing them on every trendy tabloid out there. 



My fashion style is classic and then I like add something trendy like these sunglasses for under $20.  

We beat the heat with some Ben and Jerry’s and later hit one of my favorite restaurants in Hoboken, Elysian Cafe! 

We wanted a place we could eat outside and enjoy the beautiful summer night.  

I had only been to Elysian for brunch before then. I can now attest, dinner is great too. 

Plus, can you beat the atmosphere of their outside seating?? I just love it.  


- Jenna