Gotta love a good day in the city.  


Jacob called me with a problem.  

“I need new glasses, and I need your help.” 

We searched the internet found the winner pair.  They happened to be on Christian Bale’s face in one of his movies. We thought, PERFECT! Christian Bale is basically Jacob’s twin (duh, you dont see the resemblance?? No? Shhhhh just go with it...)

Even though the resemblance is staggering... it’s always good to try glasses on in person, just to be sure, so off to SoHo we went!



I took the train to Hoboken, and then we took the subway together. It was a dreary day with cloud cover. The air was warm, about 76 degrees.  


We passed these beautifully potted PALM TREES and had to stop! I love when NYC has hints of being tropical. 


We made it to our destination and the trying on began..... 


Too dark....


Too light....


We decided that he would have to be a teacher if he got these.... but we’re looking for something more “wow he’s smart, he’s too cool to be a teacher but must spend a lot of time in the library”.  



I think they’re awesome. They are lighter than they look in the photo, perfect for his lighter complexion.  The shape suits his face so well. They wound up being the original ones we found online!

 Of course while Jacob checked out and wrote up the paperwork for his prescription, I had to seize the opportunity of trying on glasses...



 Jenna Ozzie Osbourne Shotmeyer?


Feeling like a literal cat for how cat-eye these are.... 


Ben Franklin? Is that you??


After leaving with the glasses, we did a little shopping around SoHo into stores like Ted Baker, Faherty’s, and Lulu’s.   

There were lots of people around, and we bumped into one of our friends!   You know when you see someone familiar and you think you’re friends with them, but then realize that you know them but they don’t know you? Yeah that’s what happened... 

Me: ”Hey Jake, that’s Ryan Seacrest”

Ryan Seacrest: *Nods at me with a smile saying all at once with his eyes “Hi, yes its me, please dont make a big deal... I’m ‘unercover’ with my gf”*

Jacob and I: *gave him a nod that said “yeah man, do your thing.”*



After our successful trip to pick out glasses, we started walking toward Washington Square Park. Because we are ALWAYS down for ice cream, I reminded Jacob we have been wanting to check out Mike and Dave’s. It’s vegan ice cream, and super trendy right now.  

 The problem for me is the term “ice cream”.  If you are craving ice cream, you may need to go somewhere else, but if you just need a sweet treat, I HIGHLY recommend! 

I love Washington Square Park.  The sound of the cabs beeping at each other is almost blurred out by the activities everyone enjoys in the park. The beauty of the fountain makes me smile, as do the flowers planted around the benches.  

As we walked through the hat jugglers, chess players, and street musicians, we discussed how refreshing Mike and Dave’s was! 

The weather got sunnier and hotter and was reaching about 85 degrees with the city humidity. When you are feeling hot and crowded and then have something high in sugar and dairy (like traditional ice cream), sometimes the idea of the frozen treat is better than the actual feeling of it.  

Mike and Dave’s is more like a frozen smoothie. You can choose what goes in it, and they blend it all together. It is mainly fruit and natural ingredients with the addition of a scoop of vanilla frosting or something of the like. 

We felt refreshed and happy about our decision.  


We made our way back to Hoboken and admired the brilliant skyline as we strolled back home. 


- Jenna