Top 10 Vineyard Vines For Target Picks

First off, it was really fun and exceeded my expectations. 

I only think of Vineyard Vines as a clothing store and that’s why I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of other fun things! 

We got there at 10min to 8am, coffee in hand, waiting for Target to open.  There was a line that wrapped around the corner of the store but we were happy we didn't wait longer than 10min to enter the store.  We all figured the people were going to be nuts and harsh, as we experienced with the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line.  Thankfully, we found the whole experience to be great.  It was a bit crazy, but people all helped each other try and find sizes, and items.  I found the quality to be good, too.  I am sharing our top 10 picks from the sale:

1.  Citronella candle: My mom grabbed this not knowing what it was, and then got so excited when it was a three wick citronella candle! This is perfect for an outdoor summer bbq to keep the bugs away. $30

2. Pillow: Perfect for outdoor decorating.  $20



3.  Cosmetic cases: So beautiful and fun for your next trip, or great gift for a friend!  $30


4.  Wooden serving bowl in lobster print.  This is my favorite buy! It looks like great quality and I love the print.  Later that day I went to a store and saw a very similar one for $85.  This one was $35


5.  Print shorts:  These run true to size and are fun for a summer picnic or day at the beach! $25


5.  Striped off the shoulder top $25 - I paired it with our very own J. Shotmeyer lobster shorts for a fun look. 


6.  7.   Place mats: America themed for all of the fun summer American holidays. $5 each


8.  Print off-the-shoulder dress:  This runs true to size.  $30 

9.  Men’s “Everyday Should Feel This Good” t-shirt.  $16

10.  Striped dress $30  


Hope you have as much fun as we did! 

- Jenna