5 Tips for the Saks Bridal Sample Sale

Did you know Saks has a Bridal Sample Sale? To all my friends who are brides, it is still going on through today and tomorrow!  (June 4-6)  

Where do I even start.... It was an awesome day yesterday! We got to the line at Saks at 5:30am and the doors opened for Early Access at 8:30.  The 3 hours flew by because Carly, my mom and I always have the most fun. 

When we finally got into the store, Carly knew the girl working at Saks checking for our names on the list... CRAZY! It’s such a small world. They hugged and laughed as we rushed to the elevator.  

I did NOT end up getting a dress at the sale, but I have a better idea of what I’m looking for which is a helpful takeaway.  

Here are my 5 biggest tips for the sale:

1.  Don’t go alone.

The hype of Saks having a sale of 70% off gowns, and the craziness of the people on line with you, makes bringing pals a must.  The three of us split up to find dresses, as soon as we got into the sale.  It was awesome having a friend help you in and out of the gowns, and giving you good feedback.  The employees are helpful and nice, but it is a completely different scene than if you were to come into Saks on a regular day. Going alone means you have to zip your own dress up, and you have no idea what the back of the gown looks like.  We tried to help other brides zip and make decisions, but it’s hard because we do not know their personal style.  Having friends with you is such a plus.  

2.  Decide how much the brand name of your wedding dress means to you.  

The dresses are all samples, so some of the dresses have never been worn, and some look like they have been tried on a hundred times.  There was a dress I really liked and contemplated getting, but in the end decided against it. I saw it looked worn, and realized I could get a brand new, gorgeous dress from somewhere else at half of the sale price.  If having that certain brand name dress was a dream of mine, I could have made that dress work (bringing it to a tailor, the dry cleaner, etc.) but I decided it didn’t mean that much to me.  If having a Vera Wang or Carolina Herrera dress means a LOT to you, but you don’t have $15,000+ to spend on a gown, this is the place for you to go.

3.  Early Access tickets.

This is the best advice I could give.  Guilt.com actually sells early access tickets to this event for $10 each.  I was told about Guilt last week, and had never heard of them before.  I got three tickets and we were able to get into the sale 2hrs before the main crowds.  This is NOT advertised.  Guilt.com is the only way I knew about the sale other than word-of-mouth.  

4.   Stick to your budget!!

One of the dresses I tried on was $26,000... INSANE. Others were much lower, which made the 70% off look very good. However, at one point I needed to take a deep breath and remember that just bc it’s 70% off doesn’t mean it’s a good price... Don’t let the craziness of the sale get to you.

Sales make me excited, and it is easy to think you should pick something because it’s such a mad-dash. Keep in mind that there are other dresses out there.  Sticking to your budget will give you piece of mind about your dress, and not leave you with that awful post-shopping guilt... There are beautiful dresses within every budget.  I was able to keep an open mind because of some of the beautiful dresses I have tried on before which leads me to my next tip....

5. Don’t go to the sample sale if it’s your first time trying on wedding dresses!  

I’ve talked to so many girls (myself included) who have an idea of the kind of dress they want, and wind up liking something TOTALLY different.  Trying on wedding dresses for the first time in a high-intensity environment will most likely not help you get a good view of what you’re looking for in a dress.  This is not the place to objectively look at dresses.  This is a place to have in mind what you want, and try to find it quickly before the next person grabs it.  The dresses are all final sale, so you have to make the decision right then.  If it’s your first time trying on dresses, you don’t know what else is out there, which makes choosing a dress right then and there stressful.  

 Here are some pictures from the sale, including some of the dresses! 

First ones on line! (Around 5:30am) 

First ones on line! (Around 5:30am) 

Line got longer as time went on... 

Line got longer as time went on... 


Carly is the best.  

Dress: Ellie Saab 


Dress: Vera Wang


Dress: Oscar de Laurenta  


Dress: Carolina Herrera 


After the sale we were overwhelmed, but left with huge smiles.   

Thanks to Saks, Carly, and my mom for such a fun morning.  

- Jenna