Wedding Post Wednesday #1/ The Fountain

This is my very first Wedding Post Wednesday! 

As I am preparing to get married, I want to be equally preparing my heart.   This blog series will be focused on three aspects of preparation. The first is the actual wedding planning. I will be sharing some details and fun things along the way. The second aspect is how I will be preparing my heart and mind for marriage, and what God has to say on this topic. The third aspect is going to be about the imagery of the Church as Christ’s bride, and how we are preparing our hearts for His return. 

Today’s post is about how when we are following Christ, we are not alone.  

Matt proposed to me in Palm Beach, Florida in front of a gorgeous fountain in Via Parigi.  Each night we were in Palm Beach after the proposal, we went back to that spot.  One night I began to pray and my eyes welled up with tears as God gave me such beautiful imagery.  

It is a very wonderful, and very intense moment when someone tells you they want to spend the rest of their life with you.  For me, it makes me think a lot about the responsibility of the promise I made.  Then, God showed me the huge fountain right in the center of the space where we were engaged.  In communion with Christ, we see that God does not ask or require us to love based on our feelings.  God is our source. Out of the riches of His love, He asks us to allow ourselves to be filled with the unconditional love He extends through spending time in His presence. After we are filled up, we do not pour out love from an empty cup based on feelings and emotions.  We overflow the unconditional love God has given to us, into each other. The fountain is such a beautiful representation of the promise God made to Matt and I, as Matt and I made a promise to each other.  God will always be with us, pointing us towards, and filling us with His unlimited, unconditional love. Matt and I do not need what we do not have in order to fulfill God’s plans for our lives and marriage.  God is our provider and redeemer.  


- Jenna