Where To Find Your Wedding Gown NJ/NYC

After finding my dress, the top question I was getting from all of my engaged friends was where I went. I thought I’d share some thoughts on places I went to help anyone in the process.

These are not listed in order, and thankfully I didn’t have any bad experiences! I would recommend any of these stores. However, each place has a certain “feel”, and goes about the process of shopping for gowns differently.  Finding the right place to go may have everything to do with finding your dream dress. 

DISCLAIMER: the dresses I have pictures of are not my dress!!!  

1.  Vera’s Bridal (Ridgewood, NJ but moving to Englewood, NJ July 2019)

Vera’s in my opinion was the best (but I may be biased because that’s where I got my dress!!).  She had such a beautiful selection of Rosa Clara, Aire Barcelona, and many others.  She and her team were profession and very helpful.  She works right with the women who do the alterations, and they often stop by and show you what the dress will look like altered.  This was something I valued even more after going to other shops.  I have complete trust that they will do a beautiful job.  

2.  Something Special (Wyckoff, NJ)

Something Special was a nice spot, and the woman who helped us was lovely.  There were a few dresses I liked, but none that I loved.  She had a wide selection, but it was not what I was looking for.  I do not have anything negative to say, just that it was not the place for me based on selection!  If you live near Wyckoff, it is definitely worth  a visit.  

3.  RK Bridal (Manhattan) 

RK Bridal has a HUGE selection which is so great if you do not know what you are looking for. They also take walk-ins so you do not need an appointment.  I found this super helpful if you’re in the city and decide you’re up for dress shopping.  First, you go through the racks and racks and racks of dresses and take photos of the ones you love.  Then when they call your name, you show the ones you picked and you start from there.    If you go, I worked with Lauren, and she was so helpful! I was amazed that when I showed her a photo of a dress, she knew exactly what I was talking about, and went to get it in minutes! This may not seem like a big deal, but when you see how many dresses there are, it is VERY impressive.  


4.  Designer Showroom (Manhattan) 

Designer Showroom is a LOT smaller than RK, but has a nice selection.  The women who helped me were lovely and I had a good experience.  This shop was very “New York”, including the fact that it is in an office building that you need to take an elevator to get to.  If you are a NYC Bride, it is worth going to, because she had beautiful dresses.  However, it was lowest on my list of places I recommend because their selection is a lot like Vera’s, but Vera’s had a nicer environment.  

5.  Jayhee Bridal (Englewood, NJ) 

Jayhee is located in the heart of Englewood and has a medium-large selection of dresses.  Ultimately they did not have the kind of dress I was looking for, although with a few alterations, several dresses would have been beatiful.  The staff was helpful and pleasant.  However, they wanted me to put a credit card on file over the phone, to charge me $30 if I did not show up to my appointment.  Considering the fact that I already had gone to several stores that did not have any rules like that, I almost did not go.  If the store was already being difficult and I did not even choose a dress yet, I was concerned that there may be random (and costly) rules in the future.  I explained that I did not feel comfortable putting a card down over the phone to a store I had never been to, and after some discussion, they allowed me not to do it as long as I promised to call if I had to cancel.  


6.  I do, I do (Morristown, NJ) 

I do, I do had the best atmosphere out of all of the stores (or maybe I am being swayed by the amazing coffee they offered us right away).  We sat down on a beautiful couch and discussed my style with the consultant. I loved how open the showroom was, and all of the natural light.  The staff was very attentive, and helpful.  One thing that stood out after going to other stores is that all of the dresses are all in the stockroom (the opposite of RK).  Almost all of the other stores let you walk through the dresses. Whereas at I do, I do, just a few are brought out.  I would say this is difficult if you have a low budget or very specific style, because you are relying on a person’s interpretation fully, rather than you helping the consultant out a bit, going through the racks.  


7.  BHLDN (Manhattan)  

Make sure you make an appointment! We walked into the showroom and without an appointment and were turned away (which is understandable, most places require an appointment).  However, we were able to walk through the showroom.  IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.  Everything you would expect form Anthropologie’s Bridal line.  After looking through the dresses, we did not see any that we thought were what we were looking for, so we did not make a follow up appointment. If you are interested in going, make sure you check out bhldn.com first! It will give you and idea of the styles and what they offer.  


I hope this helps!

Sending all of my love to my engaged friends!! Good luck!!  

- Jenna